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Bandrui products
Individual Taylor made products
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Bandrui designs High-End Natural and Vegan cosmetics,
 in limited and numbered editions, according to the seasons and the inspiration.

The Bandrui range brings together in each of its compositions extremely complex and effective synergies, exclusively plant-based, which marry local plants to distant essences with the happiness of complementarity.

Each beauty elixir is elaborated by hand in small quantities in our workshop-laboratory in Siem Reap, Cambodia and contains the best of Mother Nature.


Why shop generic products when you can get an entire skincare and beauty routine catered to your specific needs?

Demand for customized products is based on this rationale. Tailored solutions based on variables such as skin type, hair type, ethnicity, age, gender, and your daily life. Conscious consumers want products that solve their specific challenges. I create on request individual tailor-made elixirs, in resonance with your inner self. 

Here too, my work is based on fundamental values with respectful care that has nothing to hide and the richness of biodiversity as a source of inspiration. A wide range of natural products for your sacred being. 
Nothing but the best. Without compromise.

As an holistic therapist, I take into account the totality of the being: physical, mental, emotional, energetic & spiritual.

I also integrate all the memories (individual, collective and cellular). 
I gather both my knowledge and my intuitive inspirations to accompany you on the Path to Natural Well-Being. 

Holistic accompaniment differs from conventional or traditional medicine by considering the patient as a person and not as a patient.

Do natural cosmetics and green chemistry fascinate you or arouse your curiosity? 

Our workshops for adults, children, groups and individuals are there to help you create a cosmetic product in a friendly atmosphere.

Would you like to start your own natural cosmetics business?

We can help you with our training courses created especially for people who want to train. We offer turnkey solutions adapted to your expectations and your budget.

We uphold the highest ethical standards in every aspect of our business.