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We have imagined authentic treatments with totally natural performance and whose benefits distil happiness over the long term. 
All our products, without exception, are made in our workshop-laboratory in Siem Reap, in a traditional way, with the greatest care and with a constant demand for quality, simplicity and purity. In addition to using no chemical ingredients or preservatives in the making of our products, we carefully select our organic raw materials. Essential oils, floral waters, clays, vegetable oils, macerates… Our ingredients come from plants cultivated by producers who are committed, caring and respectful of human beings and nature. Our only tools are our hands and this is what allows us today to offer you fresh, healthy, 100% natural and organic products.


Each product is the subject of in-depth research so that it can offer a real moment of well-being and pleasure to everyone. Composed of noble and high-performance raw materials, our cosmetics, rich in an infinite number of active ingredients, are effective thanks to their great affinity with the skin: our body is alive, it must be nourished with living components. Each recipe is formulated using ingredients from nature: 100% of the ingredients are active, 100% of the ingredients have an action on your skin. Bandrui cosmetics are highly concentrated; a small quantity is enough to be effective. Our complete range meets all the needs of all skin types and all ages. So that everyone can find a suitable answer with Bandrui products. You are unique, take care of yourself.


We commit ourselves every day to making meaningful cosmetics by hand and with love, in our human-sized laboratory. We adopt a responsible approach, respectful of nature and the consumer. Each production is carefully thought out, each raw material handled with care, each formula is the fruit of a long reflection, of careful manufacturing, to offer you a high quality product, fresh, healthy, good for your skin, your health and the environment. At Bandrui, our commitment is total, everything is designed to preserve our planet, from the choice of our organically grown raw materials to the glass containers. We limit our packaging in order to move towards zero waste and we also favour committed and local suppliers in order to limit the middlemen and offer you fair prices. Benevolence, respect, professionalism, friendliness and trust animate us every day to offer you the best of Nature. If everyone does their part, if synergies are created, great achievements are possible.aa


Everything is done here, on site, from the creation of the product to its manufacture and packaging, right up to its departure to meet you!


Welcome to the Path of Natural Well-Being. Your Well-Being.

After studying journalism, and then a conversion years later in tourism, I discovered the reality of working “on the ground”, certainly very exciting, but where human well-being is discredited. I end up listening to the little voice that constantly reminded me of the wonder I have been sharing since I was very young in front of the beauty, generosity and efficiency of Mother Nature, but also the urgency to renew a direct and concrete link with Her.

It is then that this connection with what animated me already when I was very young led me again on the Path of Nature and Care, a return to the Source and to the Ancestral Wisdom. It is Nature that will be the first teaching on this path: sacred and precious, it carries the energy of Life to which we need to reconnect.  At that moment, I began to train in Aromatherapy, Naturopathy and Herbalism where I discovered an even deeper sensitivity and understanding for the subtle language of plants and human emotions. 

Since then, the vegetal world has opened up a little more to me and day after day, I am learning to work with the specificities and benefits of each plant.
In the end, this passion is a lifelong daily learning process.

The line of High-End, 100% Natural & Vegan Care and Beauty Products as well as the Holistic Therapy offer were launched.

This is how Bandrui was born.

Founder of Bandrui

May Mother Nature protect and guide us, 

The story behind

Bandrui logo

In ancient Celtic, a Bandrui was a Female Druid (BAN – female prefix + DRUI – druid). The Druidesses loved and respected Nature and organised rituals according to celestial phenomena and the lunar calendar. The months all began with the full moon. Druidism advocated respect for Nature, the rituals were based on its natural order.
This beautiful name, which has come to me as a matter of course, symbolizes my holistic approach and the care products, tools and activities that I put at your disposal. It is therefore quite natural that my logo evokes the Moon and its different phases throughout the year (12 or 13 full moons). It symbolizes the blossoming of the being. My wish is to encourage self-knowledge and development, the Reliance to nature but also to allow us to discover the potential that lies within each of us.