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Faithful to the spirit of the women-druids and constantly deepening the loving relationship with Nature,  I work in co-creation with the different kingdoms of the living  to ensure  the power of our individualized & tailor-made products, thought entirely and only for you. 

To meet the requirements of our demanding quality charter, and rather than orienting you towards mass-produced products, I use only the best raw materials for cruelty-free, ethical and sustainable vegan skincare, 100% natural and 0% additives, GMO-free and Palm oil free.

Holistic consultation

Personalized support Individual, Couple & Collective


Individual & couple session
The length of an individual or couple session of holistic support varies from one person and one issue to another. As a holistic therapist, I consider each person to be an actor in his or her own health and therefore presuppose the active participation of the person, without which results cannot be achieved. My role is to accompany you towards restoring the balance that is health. To do this, I use all the techniques at my disposal.

When you engage in a wellness process and want to achieve tangible results, you accept :
to be honest with yourself and with me, your therapist,
to take full responsibility for your choices,
do the recommended or suggested exercises, readings, screenings,
to let us know if the session meets your expectations and to say what is or is not suitable.
The objective is to focus on the person and therefore to listen carefully and without judgement, to ask questions (always respectful) to enable you :
• to get to the bottom of things,
• to take a step back,
• to have new perspectives,
• to open up the field of your possibilities considerably.

The first consultation generally lasts from 1h30 to 2 hours and starts with an anamnesis, i.e. an in-depth individual interview based on attentive and respectful listening which allows us to gather the reason for your visit, individual and family history, stress level, lifestyle (eating habits, quality of sleep, physical activities, etc.). The synthesis of all this information will allow the establishment of your Vital Hygiene Plan (VHP) which will guide you, according to the needs collected, to rid the body of toxins, favor elimination, stimulate the organism, fill in deficiencies, strengthen defense mechanisms, progressively correct the terrain, etc. This assessment is carried out with the aim of corresponding to you and responding to your problem as best as possible. The cerebral functioning of the human being is complex. Each of us is unique and we make thousands of interpretations a day (also unique) without being aware of it, hence the need for ephemeral guidance. My practice varies according to each person’s goals and difficulties.

• Holistic group session
My therapeutic approach also involves the group, through the different Sharing Circles, which are invitations to the multiplicity and potentiality of each person. “In the circle we are all equal. There is no one in front of you and no one behind you. No one is above you, no one is below you. The Circle is sacred because it is designed to create unity. [Lakota Wisdom] Participating in a sharing circle encourages a solid evolution of our multiple internal and external aspects. The mind is caught in the circle’s energy round, carried away by the group, which trains it to give up what blocks it and to concretise what will help it to blossom. There is no shortage of examples of co-creative sharing in human history. Remember that in all traditions we find the circle, the circle around the sacred fire of the communities, the circle of dancing rounds, the circle to protect or socialise, the circle of words or to share a meal, to celebrate life by singing… the circle is also Mandala. It represents the planet, the stars, the moon and the sun…

• my intention, my vision, my therapeutic tools
I have always been attentive to natural and individual cycles and I try to live in harmony with the environment and others. For me, energy is everywhere and present in each of us. Planets, flowers, symbols and sounds have a language, it is up to us to understand it. You have a road to take, I accompany you without taking it for you, lighting it if it is too dark. I help you in this path of life to remove the stones that you have in your shoes and that prevent you from moving forward. Initiated to various practices, I share them with you in order to restore well-being and better living in your life. From ancestral wisdoms to scientific theories, this great diversity of tools makes my specificity and gives me the ability to adapt to meet your difficulties. It is a vision of the world that is open and inclusive.

Warning: all the services offered are well-being services and are in no way therapeutic, medical or paramedical acts.


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